One of the delightful FREE attractions in Brixham Town Centre at 61 Fore Street. `The Old Coaching Inn ` is a `must see` for all visitors to Brixham as one of our most historic sites.

Step back in time to 1939 and the beginning of World War 2. By 1943 thousands of American troops were billeted in the local area with local families or under canvas in nearby fields awaiting embarkation orders for D-Day –the invasion of
Europe. The town was a major attraction to `off duty ` American serviceman who attended numerous dances and local public houses.

Rumour has it that the Coaching Inn played a very important role by surreptitiously becoming a BROTHAL. Once the American servicemen departed the premises returned to its usual business of providing accommodation, a drink and rest for the weary traveller.

The Old Coaching Inn, formerly named ‘The Globe Inn’ then ‘The Globe Hotel’ opened in 1790 at a time when the demand for coach travel was at its peak. At this time Brixham was becoming a thriving commercial centre with an economy based around fishing and victuals for the Military Garrison at Berry Head and the Royal Navy anchored nearby.

In the early 1800’s the Garrison Town was transformed into a Civilian one and prospered. The `Old Coaching Inn` attracted mostly commercial travellers, the military and the local fishermen until  by the 1930’s you see adverts seeking to attract a broader range of guests.

The configuration of the Inn/Hotel remains largely unchanged, even if the functions of some rooms have. There was a modest well-appointed dining room, a rustic Tap-Bar interconnected to the kitchen, 4 guest bedrooms varying in size, 1 large bedroom with its own dressing room (presumably used by proprietor), 4 small bedrooms for staff and a large well-appointed public room for hire (with an adjoining service area).

The large lean-to Stable was a later addition (c.1840-50) funded and built by quarrying the stone behind the Coaching Inn to build the east elevation, whilst utilising the rock face to the south and west and the existing building to the north.

Today the `Old Coaching Inn` is again at the heart of the community providing food and drink and music and entertainment for visitors and local people. It will be open from 1030am till late providing beverages, drinks and entertainment and activities.

It will also serve as our First Aid Post; Marshall’s Office and lost Children collection Point for the duration of the

Open every day to enjoy hospitality and historic atmosphere in Fore Street.