Brixham Lottery

9th round winner is card ticket


Second place: 0524

Won By Steve Watkins and presented with £500 Cheque in the PROBUS meeting by our Chairman, Richard Anderson.

2ND Prize – 0524 is still UNCLAIMED, believed to have been sold by Doble`s Jewellers in Fore St!

Hear from our last winner

It is a unique experience and I am so looking forward to it

Says Jonathan who lives in Brixham. He is a member of the local branch of the Royal British Legion where he bought his winning ticket card just days before the draw.

The public draw event was held at 5pm on Saturday 5th August in the Three Elms Public House in Drew Street, Brixham. Musical entertainment was provided by well-known local duo Classic Gold.  

The attending public were invited to draw individual winning numbers. The winning number 0537 was circulated and people who purchased card tickets could also phone 01803 852270 to hear the result.

John Brennan, Chair of Brixham Future CIC who promotes the Brixham Lottery says:
The WW2 Spitfire flight experience is for 3 hours in either a morning or afternoon slot. Our winner will receive briefings about the facility, the aircraft, the flying equipment such as helmets and flight suits and watch a video. Next, Jonathan will meet the pilot and discuss hopefully flying over Brixham.

There were only limited Lottery Cards tickets available in Brixham with extremely good odds as only 550 distributed. The Lottery proceeds help maintain this historic aircraft for generations to come and fund local projects and events.

The next issue is the Christmas and New year card tickets, available in November with envelope. So an ideal alternative to the Christmas Card and will be available at a price of £5 per ticket.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the Brixham Lottery exclusively supports local projects, free public events and good causes. It has previously helped fund Queen Elizabeth 2 Platinum celebrations, wall murals, WW1 & WW2 commemorations, historical celebrations, environmental improvements, elders celebrations etc.

The Brixham Lottery

We are a local Lottery with extraordinary prizes.

We are dedicated to supporting local projects and events.

No `rip-off` admin costs – 100% goes to a good cause.

Your Brixham Lottery tickets have previously supported local projects including:

  • Murals in Fore Street & Beach Approach
  • Floral displays
  • Exhibitions
  • WW1 & WW2 `Shadows` projects to mark historical anniversaries
  • D-Day & VE Commemorations & Celebrations which delivered over 100 free public events for local people & visitors to enjoy. These included free parades, services, films, concerts, exhibitions, displays, dancing, music, talks, etc.

Your Brixham Lottery tickets will be supporting new and exciting projects in the area over the years.

Our prizes have included:

Spitfire Flight (only 543 Card Tickets sold)
Luxury Cruise (only 345 Card Tickets sold)
an Electric Bicycle (only 331 Card Tickets sold)
Lifetime Membership of the National Trust
Christmas Jewellery

Compare the odds:

National Lotto 1 in 45+ Million !
Thunderball 1 in 8 + Million !
Premium Bonds 1 in 34,000 !

Future Prizes will include:

  • WW2 Spitfire Flight
  • Many Cash Prizes……

Many uses for our unique Brixham Lottery Card:

– ideal birthday gift or specific occasion (baptist, wedding or divorce)
– anniversary or good luck present
– great Christmas or Valentines Day gift for those you love
– beautiful present or `Thank You`

Our Lottery cards are unique as they provide both a present and a gift with a good chance of winning a desirable prize at an affordable cost.

Most of all you will be supporting local projects and events that benefit your community and you will be able to see and enjoy the shared benefits.

So buy one or several Brixham Lottery Cards today – they are useful for numerous occasions or simply because you want to spread some luck around.

Previous Lottery Winners

6th Winner

Stella Hawkins – WW2 Spitfire Flight

4th Winner

Fred Bates at 105 years old

3rd Winner

Janet Thomas – Electric Bike

2nd Winner

Euan Rudden – Long Cruise for 2 people

1st Winner

Olivia Silby – Flight in historic WW2 spitfire

Brixham Lottery Card Tickets are available from the following local places…

Fore Street

Doble Jewellers    

Middle Street

Flower Flour Cafe
Colours of Brixham- Art shop
Craft Cwtch -Welsh Cafe
Chris Slack -Photo`s
Shells- Ladies Hairdresser

Elsewhere in Brixham

The Handyman-Pillar Ave

For further questions contact:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01803 852270