An inspiring FREE fashion show set in the iconic Shoalstone sea water pool on Monday 3rd June between 11am -1pm. Brixham people had to `mend and make do` in the `war years` and this show pays tribute to the skills of the housewife and local seamstresses who made sure everyone was adequately clothed despite the shortage of materials. 

The war years resulted in `gray` utility clothing becoming an acceptable dress form. Many men and women would consider themselves `rich` if they had one good `Sunday ` suitor dress and many material were simply harsh linen. Depending on occupation people wore a variety of dress and also there were different military uniforms both within and between the allied nations.

The Brixham Charity shops will be displaying clothing of the era in the windows and perhaps there will be an opportunity to `bag` a bargain from this increasingly rare historic clothing.

So come along and see what you think of the clothes that great grandmother and grandfather wore and perhaps afterwards try some for yourself?

This FREE Shoalstone Pool fashion show will be on Monday 3rd June 11am -1pm