We live in challenging times. Resources are declining but needs and expectations are rising. This requires a different way of thinking and a range of innovative, cost-effective responses.

Brixham Future is committed to self help and partnership working to address local issues such as decline in our town centre. We are focused on delivering micro-regeneration projects or events that benefit Brixham and wider Torbay. By working together in this way, we make it possible to improve our town step by step, some times by small steps and sometimes by larger ones. We do this in order to maintain and improve our built heritage and beautiful natural environment.

More importantly, we also seek to ‘add value’ to the lives of our residents and visitors. We want everyone to share in the pride we have for Brixham and for the people who live here.

Some of our recent projects have been:

  • Back to the 40s – 75th anniversary of D-Day
  • murals on gable ends in the town centre
  • planters to improve the aesthetics of the central car park
  • a commemoration to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the World War 1.

We are a small group and we cannot do this in isolation. We are privileged to work alongside many other organisations including other established community changemakers such as Pride in BrixhamMiddle Street Traders, Brixham Chamber of Commerce, Christian voluntary and statutory sector groups, commercial entities private individuals and local government including Brixham Town Council.

We are indeed fortunate to have these and many more similar organisations in our town focussing on positive action and change.

These organisations are a perfect illustration of the value of one of our town’s greatest assets –  the enthusiastic, experienced, innovative and inspirational people who are passionate about making improvements to Brixham for the benefit of those who live, work, visit and play here.

And if that description fits you, come and join in. You will find us a warm and welcoming organisation where you can make new friends, expand your horizons, acquire new knowledge and skills and enjoy the satisfaction of making a really positive difference to our town.