The Wayfinding ‘project’, initially proposed by the Brixham Chamber of Commerce (BCC) was given to Brixham Future (BF) to progress in 2016 (by request of BCC and Brixham Town Council).

The background and need for the proposal was presented by Jackie Shaw (JS) of the BCC at the BF Board meeting on 26th October 2016. The project was not fully scoped at this point but the indication given by the JS presentation was that trade was being adversely affected by poor signage and car park provisions.

BCC also commissioned Enigma signs to provide a proposal for signage art work, based on mapping of the signage in Brixham (Martin Smith Enigma Nov 16 ) – this has also been completed.

BF agreed to progress the project and a project team was set up led by Martyn Green (MG). A project summary from Jan 2017 identified the following objectives:

  1. To improve car and pedestrian navigation around Brixham and surrounding area
  2. To optimize the capacity of all the existing car parks and identify other areas for onstreet parking.
  3. To explore alternative ways of transport and access into and out of Brixham.

A key requirement of the Jan 17 project plan was to establish the need for the above, and facilitate the evidence needed for submission to Torbay Council/Highways dept. To date (29/7/17) only 25 responses to the online survey have been received.

Due to new circumstances MG has recently stepped down as project lead. Therefore, a recent volunteer to BF (J Shears JES) was requested to review the current project position.